Questions regarding the client profile:

1. How can I register on website?
For registering on our website you should hit the sign up button on main page. Provide necessary personal information in relevant fields of sign up form and tick the terms and conditions box. After finishing sign up you will receive the email with confirmation link. For finalizing sign up process and start mining just follow the instruction in received email.

2. What can I do if I cannot receive the confirmation email?
Please check your spam folder first. If it is tagged as a spam mail, please don’t forget to change the tag as "Not Spam", to receive our emails in the future. If there is no email in spam folder please use the Resend confirmation link which will situated below the login area on our webpage. If you still encountering with same problem please contact us via [email protected] for further assistance.

3. What can I do if I forgot my password?
If you forgot your password please push the forgot my password link next to log in  button and follow instruction which will be send  on the email.

4. Can I change my email or password after registration?
Email and password can be changed after registration. Just open settings from your profile and push the change email button or send reset link button. After that just follow the few the instructions on popped up window to accomplish the process.

5. How to set up Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator?
Download Google Authenticator in App stores (link from google play and Apple app store). After you have download Google Authenticator app go to Bitforx’s web page and from your profile, open settings and push the enable button next to Two-Factor Authentication. Follow the appeared instructions to set up authentication for your Bitforx account. If you lost your cell phone or accidentally deleted Google authentication, contact us via [email protected] for help.

6. What are the costumers service working hours ?
In case of any question please contact our customer service by email to [email protected] . working hours are: Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-16:00 Tbilisi Time (GMT+4)

Questions regarding the process of buying hashrate: 

7. Where and how I can buy bitcoins? 
There are several ways where you can buy bitcoin and different mainstream cryptocurrency. The easiest way is to buy them on exchanges. For example you can find list of exchanges on bitcoin.org/en/exchanges  or visit sitecryptocompare.com/exchanges. This two links will help you to find out more information about cryptocurrency exchanges and choose appropriate one that suits your demand.

8. How I can deposit the bitcoin for buying hashpower?
For depositing bitcoin on your  Bitforx wallet account you should simply make  transfer  of bitcoins from your existing bitcoin wallet to Bitforx`s wallet.

9. How quickly my deposit is added to my wallet?
You should consider that transaction is totally immutable in bitcoin network after 3-6 confirmations So your bitcoin payment should have an average of 3-6 confirmations. For existing moment this process can take 30 minutes up to hour depending on the speed of Bitcoin network.

10. Is deposit staying forever on my Bitforx’s wallet account ?
Yes, your deposit can stay on Bitforx`s wallet on indefinite duration of time while you will decide to do some transaction with the amount.

11. How can I buy hashrate?
For buying hashrate you should follow few simple steps: after registration on our website open the hashpower, on the slider choose the desired amount of hashpower you want to buy and hit the buy with bitcoin button. (for existing moment you can buy hushpower only with bitcoin, but very soon we will add debit card and Paypal buying options)

12. Are there any limits for amount of  hashpower I can buy ?
For existing moment our customers can buy only less than 50 TH/s (50000 GH/s) hashpower without providing information for KYC requirements, if customers wants to buy more then 50 TH/s (50000 GH/s) then he/she should provide additional personal information and scanned version of their identification documents (ID, driving licence). Please fill up the pop up window with appropriate information  to buy more then 50 TH/s (50000 GH/s).

13. What cryptocurrencies can I mine?
For existing moment we are focus only on bitcoin mining, but we are working in on the diversification of our mining portfolio to offer our clients different mainstream cryptocurrencies for mining.

14. Where is your mining farm located?
We can say that for now our mining farms are located in Georgia were great majority of country`s produced electricity is coming from hydropower sources. Additional advantages are rapid development of blockchain industry in georgia and supportive business environment.

Questions regarding the process of getting payouts:

15. How and when I'm receiving generated bitcoins?
You generated bitcoin as a payouts will be transferred every day around 00:00 UTC. But please consider that first payout will be made only after 24 hours.

16. When can I withdraw my profits?
Withdrawal from your Bitforx’s wallet account can be made as soon as you decide to do so.  For existing moment withdrawal limit per transaction is 1 bitcoin and daily withdrawal operations limit is 3 bitcoins.

17. What time is necessary to execute  withdrawal request?
All requests for withdrawal of funds from Bitforx’s wallet accounts processed and confirmed within minutes. But please consider that there can be emergency cases be delays of up to 24 hours. These delays may be associated with the congestions in bitcoin network , which we cannot influence.

18. What are the commissions for deposit or withdraw?
There is no commissions for depositing bitcoins on your Bitforx’s wallet account. However, we charge small amount bitcoin in case of withdraw. This amount is consisted of two variables first is  bitcoin network’s transaction processing fee (this fee can be checked using this link)  and second is our commissions withdrawal fee. 

19. How affiliate program works ?
The are few simple steps to invite friend with affiliate program and get additional rewards from their earnings. Copy and send referral link to anyone you like, after person with this link makes registration and purchase of hashpower you will earn 1 % in bitcoins from each payouts